Yani's Corner

Yani’s Corner is a newsletter on Substack written by Tiyani Chauke. It touches on her day-to-day activities and life through her eyes.

Typing that out in third person felt so strange. Hello there, my name is Tiyani Chauke. A young woman born in a small village known as Elim, in the Limpopo Province and later bred in two well known metro’s in South Africa; Johannesburg and Pretoria. I am witty, fun-loving and quite the introvert. I am currently a stay-at-home mom that enjoys reading books, HIIT training and going hiking.

I grew up writing short stories and distributing them throughout the classroom every second day, however one day all that stopped and I forgot about writing for quite some time until I had an interview with the founder of this platform, Herby Olschewski. A 30-minute conversation reminded me of my love for literature and I was introduced to a platform made for people like me.

I have a wide range of interests namely sports, fitness, visual arts, music and reading just to mention a few. The newsletter will bring forth interesting pieces on each of these topics, including my journey as a new mom during a pandemic.

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