Discover the Art of Living Freely…

  • Get organized and be more productive.

  • Explore a new world of opportunities.

  • Decide that it’s Time To LIVE Your Life!

  • Living without geographical constraints.

  • Freedom to travel ~ live ~ work ~ anywhere.

  • Become part of a vibrantly global community.

  • Private planes to get there faster and efficiently.

  • Luxury yachts for discretion and living off the grid.

  • Make use of smarter transportation to get around.

  • Support various causes without making donations.

  • Inspire children with social skills and family values.

  • Help cats and dogs, stuck in animal rescue shelters.

  • Speed up the pet adoption process and find homes.

  • Sanctuary for abandoned horses and abused donkeys.

  • Ban the practice of performing animals in circus rings.

  • Liberate zoos and release wild animals from captivity.

  • Travel, stay in comfortable homes away from home.

  • Utilize a fleet of private yachts around the world.

  • Financial independence with residual revenue.

  • Find partners that keep it fair in revenue share.

  • Join Club SYNERGY ~ Learn the Art of Living Freely!

Club SYNERGY ~ The Art of Living Freely


It’s FREE.



Ubuntu Synergy is for Everyone!

Ubuntu Synergy is Universal

No matter where in the world you are, nor what you do for a living, anyone can infuse and benefit from Ubuntu Synergy. To be more productive, simply call on ZaGenie, there when needed. Explore the world both digitally and for real. Set yourself free… it’s Time To LIVE Your Life! Become a Global Village Citizen. Work from home or be a Digital Nomad: Travel ~ Live ~ Work ~ Anywhere. Discover places where everyone can “simply be”, such as LevaldigItaly. Make use of private planes, luxury yachts and smarter transportation. Earn extra income, while supporting various causes: Mentor children, rescue cats and dogs, giving them a second chance. Help find sanctuary for abandoned horses and donkeys. Identify trapped circus animals and liberate zoos. Enjoy the rewards of exclusive holidays and cruises. Learn how to become financially independent, working with ethical partners. Master the art of living freely, join Club SYNERGY!    It’s free.

What does the word Ubuntu mean? Nelson Mandela explains… 

Ubuntu Synergy