Combining a salient philosophy of caring and sharing, with the strength of unity and community. We can determine the course of humanity and our destiny, by challenging the digital status quo.


  • Global interaction while taking local action.

  • Communicating with civility and respect.

  • Collaborate professionally for mutual gain.

  • Help make the world around us a better place.

  • Gain financial independence and pay it forward.


What’s in the name?


We are all bound together in ways that are invisible. Humanity is about being one. We achieve more by sharing ourselves with others, and caring for those around us.



The combined power of a group of people when they work well together, is greater than the results achieved by everyone working separately. Our strength lies in unity.




This initiative was founded by Herby Olschewski. With a mixture of failure and success, the stage is set for people from all walks of life, anywhere in the world, to build on this platform. Guided by a team of dedicated professionals, the intended audience consists of scholars and students, employment seekers, employed-but-always-broke, single and stay-at-home-parents, struggling business owners, administrators and managers, retrenched and retired folks. Any of whom can become successful super affiliates, if not already. There is something here for everyone, for you.


It’s what the Internet should have been. A global network of intelligent people, communicating with courtesy and dignity. An international community of forward thinking individuals, getting to know one another better, meeting online and in person. Gathering knowledge and learning how to improve themselves and the world around us. Informing the world as to what they do and where. It’s a way to find work and offer employment. Create, manage and find events easily. Ultimately it’s a better way to use the Internet for networking, capitalism and global commerce.


Primarily this initiative is online, but can be practiced offline too. Bringing cyberspace down to earth, we combine the cloud with traditional ways to spread the word. Marketing around the globe, wherever members live. It’s in your heart, it’s in your soul. Reaching out to others in a professional and ethical manner, leading by example and showing the way. There are no geographical boundaries, no constraints and certainly no limits. Live local, think global and thrive universally. Where there is a will, there is a way, be it for work or combined with play.


There is no better time to get involved with this initiative, than now. No matter at what stage your are in your life, from scholar/student, looking for a job and/or unhappy in your current employment. Many are single or stay-at-home parents. Those that own a company, know how difficult can be when times are tough. Smart administrators and managers know when it’s time to seek advice and further training. There are those that have been retrenched and then comes retirement. During each of these phases of life, anyone can become a successful super affiliate.


The founder of this initiative is an old-school Internaut. Back in 1981 when Herby came to know this wonderful way to communicate globally, the Internet was pristine. A pure river of intellect and unpolluted reservoir of knowledge. Then came the Web, Dot Com rush and associated greed. Like plastic in a pond, the surroundings became a mess. Unethical mass marketing methods and random advertising gave rise to digital pollution. Not to mention online crime, grime and social manipulation. There is a much better way, and that is why this initiative exists.


The business model for this initiative is revenue sharing. Using a single-tier affiliate program and performance marketing, users can participate at no cost, to generate residual revenue. Derived from memberships and resources, affiliates can easily spread the word, without selling anything. Using social media networks to help make pages and listings go viral, it’s extremely easy to click on uniquely coded links. Statistics for traffic, referrals and commissions are tracked in real time. Step-by-step tutorials are provided, although everything is one-click simple, Click here to START.



The initiative should be easily understood with a clear and concise way to get started. Tutorials are provided to explain the opportunity and membership options. A calendar of events and blog to follow. Conclusive answers to frequently asked questions with online help and quick support.

Registration is a 1-click process with NO forms to fill out. Login using an existing social media ID. We share our revenue with a single-tier affiliate program. It costs nothing to create a basic user account and participation is free. Users can also contemplate additional membership options.

Users have access to a central dashboard. We create community and encourage productive networking. Explore the online academy to gain knowledge and learn new skills. Members can add listings to the directory and these are geographically mapped. We promote all the listings.

We make available a JobsBoard where members can post vacancies and/or search for their next contract or employment. The EventSpace is for publishing events and a save-the-date calendar. We also facilitate a MarketPlace with merchandise and select products produced by members.


~ The goal is to provide a professional platform for serious folks to interact, network, learn, promote, work, find events and shop without pressure. ~


The Philosophy

Carving an alternative path through the online jungle, this initiative does not intend to disrupt, but rather show the way for discerning people. Everyone has a choice and where there is none, we provide one. We prefer an online experience that is ethical, professional and productive.


~ No SPAM and/or Unsolicited Commercial Email.

The majority of email is unnecessary and/or junk. An opportunity missed by those irresponsible. Regardless, it’s still an essential medium. We only send out email if and when absolutely needed.


~ No Hype and/or annoying pressure sales tactics.

It’s annoying to be taken for fools, with exaggerated claims and fake testimonials. Adding insult to injury with purchase deadlines and click-baiting. We simply give the facts and let users decide.


~ No MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) and/or Pyramids.

Get-rich-quick schemes abound on the Internet, preying on the gullible and greedy. Network marketing is not to be confused with affiliate marketing. There are no sponsors nor pyramids.


~ No Donations and/or charitable tax write-offs.

We believe that charity starts at the cash register. Fund raising on the Internet is murky at best. We want no part of it. The resources offered here are (really) free, with optional membership.


~ No Advertising and/or intrusive pop-up offers.

Probably the biggest cause of pollution on the Internet is advertising. It’s everywhere, intrusive and annoying. Like getting slapped while trying to read a book. We don’t do any adverts. Period.



Key Components

  • Social Login

  • Affiliate Stats

  • Member Profile

  • Member Account

  • Membership Options

  • Resources Dashboard

  • Community Forums

  • Meetups & Socials

  • Online Academy

  • The Directory

  • Global Map

  • JobsBoard

  • EventSpace

  • MarketPlace

Social Login…

Registration and/or login with an existing social account ID. No forms to fill out. The only user information retained is the First, Lastname and Email Address. Users can opt out at any time.

Affiliate Stats…

All traffic logs and referrals are tracked in real-time. Users have access to all statistics as well as uniquely coded links, graphics and QR codes. The affiliate program is the core of this initiative.

Member Profile…

First impressions count. Users are encouraged to polish up their profile. Your avatar is taken from whichever social ID is used to login. Thanks for keeping all your information up to date.

Member Account…

Every user has an account where membership options are displayed, payments recorded and invoices made available for download. Additional options can be added from this secure area.

Subscription Options…

Keep track of your membership options and adjust as you grow with this initiative. A complete view of all your user details and affiliate information. Everything can be located on this page.

Resources Dashboard…

All resources are made available from this single page, with icons that lead directly to the various areas and downloads. There is also a dynamic noticeboard to keep users informed.

Community Forums…

Join the conversation and keep up to date. Feel free to add your thoughts and ideas. This is a professionally moderated forum for serious discussion. Thanks for helping to keep it that way!

Meetups & Socials…

Social networking is an integral part of a vibrant community, both locally and/or online. We facilitate meetups and provide video conferencing rooms. Attend in person and/or virtually.

Online Academy…

Knowledge is the key to success. Our academy propagates the core values of this initiative. Users have access to interactive online tutorials, workshops and relevant study materials.

The Directory…

A global repository of listings related to this initiative. Members can add all their projects and business details. We propel and promote the interests of our members, throughout the world.

Global Map…

All the Directory listings are pinned on this global map. Drill down to your geographical location and/or use the search box. Find everything fast, by region, category and/or specific keyword(s).


A resource for employment seekers and those offering work. Members can upload their résumé and companies can search for suitable candidates. Fast search, messaging and vacancy alerts.


A resource to create, publish, manage and find (local and virtual) events related to this initiative. Bringing together like-minded folks at the same location and/or online broadcast. Save the date!


Shop online for merchandise related to this initiative. We also promote special offers from our members and work with affiliate partners. Only the best at your fingertips. Buy with confidence.


Membership Options

This initiative is for everyone. It costs nothing to create a user account. It’s free. There is NO pressure to become a paying member. In fact, we show users how to EARN the member fee.


  • It costs nothing to create a user account.

  • Membership is optional and easily earned.

  • Additional benefits and access to resources.

  • Grow your projects and/or business interests.

  • Membership is a mutually beneficial partnership.


Universal Opportunity

We share our revenue from optional membership fees. All users are affiliates. No forms nor applications. Referrals simply start happening. All you have to do is click here and take action.


  • Anyone, anywhere in the world, can join.

  • Fits easily into whatever you already do.

  • Nothing to buy, nothing to sell. It’s free.

  • Keep track of your stats in real time.

  • We guide you every step of the way.



Scholars & Students

Scholars & Students


Employment Seekers

Employment Seekers


Employed But Always Broke

Employed But Always Broke


Single & Stay-At-Home Parents

Single & Stay-At-Home Parents


Struggling Business Owners

Struggling Business Owners


Administrators & Managers

Administrators & Managers


Retrenched & Retired Folks

Retrenched & Retired Folks


Successful Super Affiliates

Successful Super Affiliates


ANYONE can be part of this initiative. Click here to start…





Click here to start your journey…


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