Combining a pertinent philosophy of caring and sharing, with synergy and strong community. We can alter the course of humanity and ultimately our destiny, by challenging the digital status quo.


I am, because we are. Bound together in ways that are invisible, humanity is all about being one. Caring unconditionally, and sharing with everyone around us.



The combined power of a group of people when they work well together, is greater than the results achieved by everyone working separately. Our strength lies in unity.


No matter where in the world, nor what you do for a living, ANYONE can participate at no cost. With easy, step-by-step guidance on how to leverage this initiative, from your point of view:


A global network of proactive people, communicating courteously and collaborating ethically. Meeting online and in person. Learning how to improve themselves and the world around us. Contributing to a global directory of resources. Offering employment or looking for vacancies. Publicize and/or find events. Browse the marketplace with deals and discounts for members.


Primarily this initiative is online, but can be practised offline too. Bringing cyberspace down to earth, we combine the Internet with traditional ways to spread the word. Marketing around the globe, wherever members live. It’s in your heart and part of your soul. Reaching out to others in a professional and ethical manner, leading by example and creating synergy. There are no geographical boundaries, no constraints and no limit on earnings. Live local, think global, thrive universally. Where there is a will, there is a way, be it for work or combined with play.


There is no better time to get involved with this initiative, than now. No matter your current circumstances, be you scholar/student, looking for a job and/or unhappy in your employment. Perhaps a single or stay-at-home parent? Business owners, administrators and managers will appreciate another income stream. Many folks have been retrenched or in early retirement.

Whatever your stage of life, start now to become a successful super affiliate!


The Internet/Web has become a cesspool of discourteous behaviour. Polluted with spam and insulting hype. Unrealistic “get-rich-quick” schemes and MLM. Constant requests for donations and bombardment with ads. This initiative is a departure from the dastardly. Using old-school principles and ethical techniques to spread the word. Smarter ways to generate revenue.



Using a revenue sharing business model, this initiative offers anyone the opportunity to earn extra income, while at the same time helping various causes. By spreading the word, we create Unity, foster Community, motivate Affiliates to generate residual Revenue and promote Events.

The technical core is a single-tier affiliate program. This is NOT multi-level marketing. There is zero cost to be an affiliate and no charge for training. Affiliates do not earn anything from the referrals of another affiliate. Recurring commissions are only paid to the first referring affiliate when new members subscribe. Nothing to sell, no products to stock nor buy. Everything is given to affiliates on a technical plate. Uniquely coded links and QR codes to share far and wide. Using social media networks to give the website/cause more exposure. Your statistics for click traffic, referrals and commissions are tracked in real time. Easy to follow tutorials are provided and every effort made to help you succeed. It’s a part-time job or full business in a digital box.


Carving an alternative path through the online jungle, this initiative does not intend to disrupt, but rather show the way for discerning people. With a preference to avoid the disrespectful, anonymous idiots, we offer an online experience that is ethical, professional and courteous.


NO SPAM and/or Unsolicited Commercial Email.

The majority of email is unnecessary and/or junk. It’s difficult to get important correspondence. Regardless, it’s still an essential medium. We only send out email if and when absolutely needed.


NO hype and/or annoying pressure sales tactics.

It’s annoying to be taken for fools, with exaggerated claims and fake testimonials. Adding insult to injury with purchase deadlines and click-baiting. We simply give the facts and let users decide.


NO MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) and/or pyramids.

Get-rich-quick schemes abound on the Internet, preying on the gullible and greedy. Network marketing is not to be confused with affiliate marketing. There are no sponsors nor pyramids.


NO donations and/or charitable tax write-offs.

We believe that charity starts at the cash register. Fundraising on the Internet is murky at best. We want no part of it. The resources offered here are (really) free, with optional memberships


NO advertisements and/or irritating pop-up offers.

Probably the biggest cause of pollution on the Internet is advertising. It’s everywhere, intrusive and annoying. Like getting slapped while trying to read a book. We don’t do any adverts. Period.


Social Login

Registration and/or login with an existing social account ID. No forms to fill out. The only user information retained is the First, Lastname and Email Address. Users can opt out at any time.

Affiliate Stats

All traffic logs and referrals are tracked in real-time. Users have access to all statistics as well as uniquely coded links, graphics and QR codes. The affiliate program is the core of this initiative.

Member Profile

First impressions count. Users are encouraged to polish up their profile. Your avatar is taken from whichever social ID is used to login. Thanks for keeping all your information up to date.

Member Account

Every user has an account where membership options are displayed, payments recorded and invoices made available for download. Additional options can be added from this secure area.

Subscription Options

Keep track of your membership options and adjust as you grow with this initiative. A complete view of all your user details and affiliate information. Everything can be located on this page.

Resources Dashboard

All resources are made available from this single page, with icons that lead directly to the various areas and downloads. There is also a dynamic noticeboard to keep users informed.

Community Forums

Join the conversation and keep up to date. Feel free to add your thoughts and ideas. This is a professionally moderated forum for serious discussion. Thanks for helping to keep it that way!

Meetups & Socials

Social networking is an integral part of a vibrant community, both locally and/or online. We facilitate meetups and provide video conferencing rooms. Attend in person and/or virtually.

Online Academy

Knowledge is the key to success. Our academy propagates the core values of this initiative. Users have access to interactive online tutorials, workshops and relevant study materials.

The Directory

A global repository of listings related to this initiative. Members can add all their projects and business details. We propel and promote the interests of our members, throughout the world.

Global Map

All the Directory listings are pinned on this global map. Drill down to your geographical location and/or use the search box. Find everything fast, by region, category and/or specific keyword(s).


Post and/or search for job vacancies, related to this initiative. Members can submit their résumé and create vacancy alerts. Define work profiles and submit job listings, to find suitable candidates.


A resource to create, publish, manage and find (local and virtual) events related to this initiative. Bringing together like-minded folks at the same location and/or online broadcast. Save the date!


Shop online for merchandise related to this initiative. We also promote special offers from our members and work with affiliate partners. Only the best at your fingertips. Buy with confidence.


Shining light on the path with tutorials, articles and courses to make the journey easy. With concise and practical steps to completion, users get a better understanding of this initiative.

Abstract Tutorials Opportunity


Abstract Tutorials Opportunity

Universal Opportunity

No matter where you live, nor what you currently do, anyone can participate. Charity begins at the cash register, and you can be part of the equation. Help generate revenue, while you benefit too.


  • Anyone, anywhere in the world, can join.

  • Fits easily into whatever you already do.

  • Nothing to buy, nothing to sell. It’s free.

  • Keep track of your stats in real time.

  • We guide you every step of the way.



Scholars & Students

Scholars & Students


Employment Seekers

Employment Seekers


Employed But Always Broke

Employed But Always Broke


Single & Stay-At-Home Parents

Single & Stay-At-Home Parents


Struggling Business Owners

Struggling Business Owners


Administrators & Managers

Administrators & Managers


Retrenched & Retired Folks

Retrenched & Retired Folks


Successful Super Affiliates

Successful Super Affiliates




ANYONE can be part of this initiative. Click here to start…


No matter where in the world you live, nor what you currently do, everyone can benefit from this unique initiative!


Membership Options

This initiative is for everyone. It costs nothing to create a user account. It’s free. There is NO pressure to become a paying member. In fact, we show users how to EARN the member fee.


  • It costs nothing to create a user account.

  • Membership is optional and easily earned.

  • Additional benefits and access to resources.

  • Grow your projects and/or business interests.

  • Membership is a mutually beneficial partnership.


Consolidating events related to this initiative, the calendar provides a way to search, evaluate and save the date. The EventSpace items can be displayed as a list, grid, catalogue or showcase.


When technology takes too much time, causes frustration and despair, ZaGenie is always there. Proposing proven products and services. Smart solutions to get organized and more productive.


Fresh content flows in and out of this initiative via the blog. Containing articles, reports, thoughts and new ideas, the stream of information is a key component. Please bookmark and visit often!


There is no such thing as a dumb question and none are found here. All questions are patiently acknowledged and concise answers posted for the benefit of others. The FAQ grows over time.


Please use the tutorials, complete the checklists, peruse the frequently asked questions and knowledge base. If still in need of assistance, start a chat session or submit a support ticket.

A global community of smart individuals who realize “I am, because we are”. Proactive people, who care about others and the evolving world around us. Practising the art of living freely.


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