Marius Janse van Rensburg

Not just a fruit cake… a complete fruit salad!

That’s what most people think, anyway. You are crazy! You are out of your mind! It will never work! Oh yes, that’s what I am used to hearing. Not just behind my back, but also straight into my face.

So who is this crazy Marius? Marius finds a way where, to most people, no way exists. A protagonist that can work out a plan and make that plan work when it seems impossible.

Born in ’62 I have had a very full and experienced life so far. If anybody had experienced just 10% of my life, then they would have had a very full and satisfied life. Some experiences were happy and others sad. Some times were lived in unlimited abundance and other times in survival mode. That’s life. It all adds up to a great and balanced life.

Some lessons I have learned are that nobody is guaranteed the next five minutes. So live now as you might not see “some day”. Another lesson is that the good life and the bad life together makes a balanced life. You have to have both, and neither the good nor the bad will last forever. The other lesson learned is that you only have one life. There is no backup. If you lose either your body or your mind, then you become a burden to somebody else. So do everything possible to stay healthy mentally and physically.

My purpose on this planet is to help others. I have always done that from the beginning. I have done this through being employed, having my own businesses assisting businesses find solutions.

Oh, and I am lazy. I will rather automate something than do the same thing daily. That got me into programming and software development, where I could automate boring admin tasks. Computers were a blessing and later the internet just opened doors.

Through the years I have come to dislike some types of institutions and specifically these two. Banks and the Tax man. I have developed ways to assist people to get out of debt because debt kills you financially and how to legally reduce your tax obligation. On these, I have published a few books and am currently busy with an Udemy course as well. The Udemy course has not yet been published.

Yes, I have over 40 years of knowledge and experiences to share which might be able to help someone someday when they least expect it.

I have published a few books and I am now busy with a course to be published on Udemy.

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