Samantha Hoy

Highly creative, artistic, professional with interests in painting, sketching, photography, dining out (on almost any cuisine made really well), travelling – from long road trips, exploring the Cape coastline taking in the scenic natural beauty of the dramatic landscapes and seascapes with fantastical sunsets, to overseas trips exploring the different cities, with its historical architecture and unique cultural influences and interests. I also enjoy healthy living, pilates and engaging with eccentric people !

I am university-educated with a background in Information Technology and Business with an emphasis on software development, with many years of working experience developing and maintaining IT systems as a System’s Analyst and Application Developer for international and national corporate giants maintaining their legacy systems. However, I left my job to pursue my interest of studying Full-Stack Web Development and Design, which I graduated from, in order to fulfil my dream of working remotely in a role which would be both challenging and fulfilling on a personal level, as well as filling a gap in the market.

Personality-wise I am highly analytical, methodical, logical and employ lateral thinking in my approach to problem-solving. I am a thinker and a doer and am able to work alone but also believe in a collaborative approach when a holistic solution is needed which has wider impact than the immediate problem at hand. I am empathetic and diplomatic in nature, and believe mutual respect, understanding alternative perspectives, as well as conflict management and effective communication are key skills in establishing good business and interpersonal relationships.

I was similarly attracted to Ubuntu Synergy as it was in alignment with my personal values and goals.

Ubuntu Synergy stands for:

“I am, because we are. Together.” Combining a salient philosophy of caring and sharing, with the strength of unity and community. We can determine the course of humanity and our destiny, by challenging the digital status quo.

Ubuntu I am, because we are. Bound together in ways that are invisible, humanity is all about being one. Caring unconditionally, and sharing with everyone around us. Synergy The combined power of a group of people, when they work well together, is greater than the results achieved by everyone working separately. Our strength lies in unity.

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