Ilka Wetzig

I was born in Germany but grew up in South Africa, a mixed cultural heritage that resulted in a life-long affinity for multiculturalism. Hence I consider myself a citizen of planet Earth first and foremost. I developed a love of books and reading from a very young age, and as an only child reading was my escape into many fantastical realms. After school, I took up a Bachelor Degree in English Literature and Philosophy, with the hopes of pursuing journalism.

In my early twenties, I spent a year backpacking Europe, setting out with a pal from university but our paths soon diverged and after only a few weeks I found myself travelling solo. I was drawn to the art, culture and architecture of Europe and spent three months living and working in Berlin, a most cosmopolitan city.

Back in SA, my career plans were unexpectedly derailed by motherhood, and I ended up working in a variety of industries, including a corporate environment for a few years. A passion for sustainable development led me to taking up part-time studies whilst working and also raising two children, and I earned a Diploma in Development studies.

In 2013 I teamed up with a local writer and we started a small publishing company, with a dream of publishing an original series of grade-school readers in a range of our country’s many official languages. We published a dozen books, mostly in English and a few in Siswati. We discovered that publishing can be a very challenging and unforgiving business to be in and we changed focus to becoming book suppliers. It was still rewarding for me to be sourcing high-quality reading material for school and community libraries.

After five years that partnership dissolved and I began working as a freelance writer, writing articles for websites and blogs on a wide variety of topics. I most enjoyed writing a series of articles on eco-friendly urban solutions. I also wrote some children’s poetry and did a bit of social media marketing. I consider myself a lifelong student and I love learning new things and skills. My dream remains to apply my writing skills to making a real difference in the world.

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