Chantelle Dlokweni

I am a 28-year-old woman who is passionate about youth work in communities across South Africa. I have volunteered my time with NGO’s specifically tailored for the youth in Cape Town, Port Shepstone and East London. I believe that the youth are capable of great things in our country and the entire world, I take great pride in mentoring young girls to believe the above-mentioned statement and to push themselves to get to their goals. The concept of hard work is simply lost in the generation of instant gratification and I believe that every person needs to learn this, starting from a young age. I have dedicated my time to schools as a sports coach, tutor and during Holiday Clubs that teach children ages 12-18 about life skills and the potential that they have. I am family oriented and believe in working hard in all areas of my life. I think of myself as an intelligent and super energetic being, I love all things that make me laugh and I am a super fun person. I am a wife and mom who is devoted and loves her family very much. I am in my final year of a Bachelor of Theology and look forward to working towards a Master’s specializing in Pastoral Care/Social work. My skills range from retail, online teaching and proofreading and editing, and I put my all in what I do. I do not believe in taking shortcuts and giving up when the going gets tough, trying and trying again is an attitude that I have taken a liking to and I pour my all in every project that I am involved in. I am a firm believer in serving others and I do that with no motives, other than to be a memory in their lives that brought hope and a new determination. That is who I am and what I stand for, to be a part of something that makes others lives better and gives them the ability to believe in themselves.

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