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Ubuntu Synergy

Ubuntu Synergy is not an organization nor company. It’s just a philosophy on how to live freely. Based on the concept of ubuntu, combined with creating synergy and borrowing from the concept of Pay It Forward. Add to that the desire to be global village citizens and helping various causes, without the need to make donations. Rather learn how to earn and create residual revenue, to secure a better financial future for everyone concerned.
Ubuntu Synergy is not a commercial entity. It’s free. Intangible concepts, made concrete by a man who has been around for a while, learned quite a bit, failed and prevailed… now giving back. Providing a comprehensive suite of projects, tools and utilities, to help others learn the art of living freely. Below are the fundamental elements of Ubuntu Synergy

Ubuntu Synergy


There is a publication in the works, for those that prefer a paper guide to take them through the Ubuntu Synergy journey.

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Members of Club SYNERGY will be the first to know when this paperback becomes available. In the interim, here is a synopsis of the content…

Chapter 1 – Get organized and be more productive.

Chapter 2 – Explore a new world of opportunities.

Chapter 3 – Decide that it’s Time To LIVE Your Life!

Chapter 4 – Living without geographical constraints.

Chapter 5 – Freedom to travel ~ live ~ work ~ anywhere.

Chapter 6 – Become part of a vibrantly global community.

Chapter 7 – Private planes to get there faster and efficiently.

Chapter 8 – Luxury yachts for discretion and living off the grid.

Chapter 9 – Make use of smarter transportation to get around.

Chapter 10 – Support various causes without making donations.

Chapter 11 – Inspire children with social skills and family values.

Chapter 12 – Help cats and dogs, stuck in animal rescue shelters.

Chapter 13 – Speed up the adoption process and find homes faster.

Chapter 14 – Sanctuary for abandoned horses and abused donkeys.

Chapter 15 – Ban the practice of performing animals in circus rings.

Chapter 16 – Liberate zoos and release wild animals from captivity.

Chapter 17 – Travel, stay in comfortable homes away from home.

Chapter 18 – Utilize a fleet of private yachts around the world.

Chapter 19 – Financial independence with residual revenue.

Chapter 20 – Partners that keep it fair in revenue share.

Chapter 21 – Club SYNERGY ~ The Heart of Living Freely!